New Fife Council refuse collection and recycling in Collessie

In June 2013, a new waste and recycling collection service was introduced to rural properties in Fife, including Collessie.  This new system will need Collessie residents to use 3 bins - a blue bin, a green bin and a grey bin.

What is each bin for?

Once the new service starts in June, paper and cardboard will be collected in the grey bin and will be emptied every four weeks.   Cans and plastics will be collected in the green bin and will be emptied every four weeks.    Landfill waste will be collected in the blue bin and will be emptied every two weeks.   Glass can be recycled in the recycling bins at the Village Hall, as normal. 

If you need a green or blue bin, and haven't yet received one, call Fife Council on 08451 55 00 22 to order whichever bin you need - the bins will take a couple of weeks to be delivered, but are free of charge. They are open for calls from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday. 

Remember that your bins will only be emptied by Fife Council refuse lorries if they are a sensible weight when full and the lids are shut - we know from experience that if you overload a bin it won't be emptied!

Here is the new recycling calendar showing when your bins will be emptied:-

Recycling in Collessie at the Village Hall

Recycling in Collessie can also still be done at the Victory Hall, which has a range of recycling bins for packaging just inside the car park entrance. There are bins for:-
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminium and steel cans
  • Plastic bottles and other types of Type 1 (PET) and Type 2 (HDPE) plastics
  • Paper and cardboard recycling

Recycling household items and electrical goods

There are several ways that you can recycle household items and electrical goods.  Charity shops in Cupar such as the British Heart Foundation, Barnado's, DEBRA, Chest, Heart & Stroke, Cancer Research Fund (UK), Oxfam, Sense Scotland and the British Red Cross welcome a wide range of goods as well as clothing, and there are also charity bins at the local Ladybank Recycling Depot for unwanted clothing and shoes.

The Castle Furniture Project in Cupar will collect a wide range of donated household items free of charge such as sofas (with a Fire Safety label), beds, tables and chairs, washing machines, tumble driers, small electrical goods and office furniture, so long as they can be recycled into the community. Their telephone number to discuss a pick-up is 01334 654445.


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