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Posted by Alexander Wood on 01/08/2016   Email

My mother Margaret Turner was born in Burnside Cottage Collessie in June 1925. Her grandparents were John and Agnes Oswald. Her mother Janet Gordon Oswald married Andrew Cassells Turner in 1922.they lived in Ladybank but she chose to have her baby in Collessie. In 1929 her husband Andrew Turner died and she moved back to Burnside Cottage to live with her parents and her sister Agnes Ramsay Oswald. My mum was brought up in Collessie and went to school there. She married Frederick Wood of Cupar in 1948 but her mother and the Oswalds continued to live at Burnside Cottage until September 1960. I have many happy memories of idyllic summer holidays there. Ther was no electricity so it was all oil lamps for lighting. There was no running water and water was fetched from the communal village tap. Yet despite what would now be primitive conditions the house was kept in good order and they seemed to manage very well. A vanished moer innocnet time. During teh War my grandmother Janet was assistan

Posted by David South on 02/09/2015   Email

My mother's father David Leitch was born near Brisbane in Queensland Australia in 1892. I believe his father Robert Leitch born 1848 may have come from Collessie. Can anyone help?

Posted by Margaret Common on 08/07/2015

Hi, I love the old photo's Flo and Jim Stark have given if Collessie. My ancestors on my dad's side of the family were called Stark. In fact my middle name is Stark. One of my ancestors John Stark was born in Collessie in 1721. It just might be that Jim is related too. I have been to Kinghorn and Anstruther where other family are from but I haven't been to Collessie but I will in the future, it looks so nice. Thank You, Margaret

Posted by Carol Mohr on 12/03/2015   Email

Hello, Carol from Vancouver, Canada here. In my family tree research, I've just discovered my 2x great uncle, John McLean, lived in Collessie in 1922. Such a beautiful village you have! I'd never heard of it before. We don't know when (or where) John died. If someone passes away there, where are they likely to be buried? The search continues! One of these days I'll travel to all the places my ancestors lived. Lovely website too. Cheers to everyone! Carol :-)

Posted by Robbie Kennedy Bennett on 04/09/2014

Just payed a visit around the Collessie website to get the feeling of being there.

Posted by Alison Spowart on 10/11/2013   Email

I was born in Collessie & left for Canada in 1923. I enjoy your site. (:

Posted by Patricia Fletcher on 10/09/2013

good job with the website. It is very informative. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Posted by Joy on 20/08/2013

Hello I was at the ceilidh on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to make it happen. Can you keep me informed of other events. Thank you, Joy

Posted by Liz on 20/08/2013

Collessie Ceilidh on 17th August. I came to the dance on Sat night and really enjoyed the event - thanks to all who were involved in the organisation. Please will you add me to emails of future events. Thanks. Liz

Posted by Rose Cross on 20/08/2013

What a wonderful evening you gave everyone last night. Our party thoroughly enjoyed every moment and from the look of pleasure on everyones faces around the room, so did everyone else. I think the Collessie Victory Hall must definitely hold another Summer Ceilidh and we shall all look forward to coming along to other events you have planned. Jenny, Andy, Lucy and Heather all enjoyed themselves tremendously. If you have a Collessie events mailing list could you please add my name. Bye for now. Love from Rose.

Posted by Madge & Dougie Cormack on 27/05/2013   Email

Thanks for the warm and friendly welcome, especially Margaret and Norma when we came along to the Collessie Spring gathering on Sunday.Nice to meet up with Chippy and Alan again and we certainly hope to come along to some of the various events both inside and outside in the future. Best wishes to the committee both past and newly elected. Regards Madge and Dougie Cormack, Windmill Cottage.

Posted by Jim Hooton on 13/02/2013

Love the website.Collessie won the FifeCouncil Award of Best Hamlet in the whole of Fife and the Beautiful Scotland award for the best wee village in Scotland.Keep up the good work regards from a hot and sunny Seychelles. Jim

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