Welcome to the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club

Below you will find the Terms & Conditions in place for use of the Village Hall for Sports Use.  These have been created so that you know what you can do in the Hall as a Member of the Sports Club, but if you have any queries at any time or would like to join the Sports Club, please don't hesitate to use the Guestbook Page on this website to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you as Members of the Sports Club.



1.     The Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club is run as a non-profit making Club on behalf of the Collessie Village Hall Committee.

2.     The Club is open to all residents within the Collessie Community Council area, as defined by the Constitution of the Village Hall. By subscribing to, and using the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club, you agree to the terms and conditions listed below.

3.     The Club is run to provide an inclusive and welcoming environment to enable all residents of the village to play sports in the village hall, no matter what their age, ability, gender or personal circumstances.  The Club is run as a monthly membership scheme, paid monthly by standing order to the Collessie Village Hall bank account.  Currently the membership fee is £10 per calendar month. If this is varied in the future, you will be notified of any variance and you are, of course, free to cancel your membership at any time.  

4.      Use of the Sports Hall and equipment is limited to the member and his/her family who have signed up to the Sports Club, to a maximum of 6 people per family. Hereafter the member will be called the ‘Subscribing Member’ for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions.  It is intended that the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club be used primarily by the Collessie community and their families for the purpose of playing table-tennis, badminton, short tennis, table football, pool/snooker and air hockey in the Hall. There will also be a selection of other games available in the Hall, such as board games, which can be used free of charge during the booking.

5.     The Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club operates an online sports booking system, and the ‘Subscribing Member’ aged 18 years or older will be asked to sign up to the booking system at www.holdmycourt.com/reserve2/collessie, where you will need to register by giving your family name, email address and telephone number. You will then be emailed a password to allow you to access the site. You can then book the Village Hall for 1 hour or 2 hours at a time for sports use, up to 30 days in advance, for the time in which you are a member of the Collessie Village Hall Sports Club.   You can book to use the Hall as often as you wish during the period you subscribe to the Sports Club.  Information you provide will only be used for the purposes of administering the Sports Club, and letting you know about events relating to the Sports Club.

6.     If you do not have access to the internet, you can call the Hall Booking Secretary (currently Pat Johnston) on 07581 026719 to check when the Hall is free, and to make a sports booking.

7.     The Hall can be booked between 9am and 9pm 7 days a week, except for those times when the Hall is booked for a private function, such as the fortnightly Hub meetings, the last Monday evening of each month when the Accordion & Fiddle Club uses the Hall, etc. These time slots will show as already booked with the function name on the bookings system.

8.     If the Hall takes a Hall booking at any time which generates revenue for the Hall, the Hall booking will take precedence over any Sports Bookings already in the Calendar, but the Hall Booking Secretary will endeavour to let the ‘Subscribing Member’ know of the cancellation of the sports booking as soon as possible.

9.     Sports bookings will be subject to a fair use agreement, which encourages ‘Subscribing Members’ not to overbook the Hall, and cancel any bookings on the website which they don’t need, to make sure that other members can book the time slot if needed.   Not being fair to other ‘Subscribing Members’ may result in termination of membership.

10.    By using the online booking website, you will always be able to log in and see when the Hall is free for you to book time slots to play sports in the Hall. You will notice that there are adverts on the online booking website – these are not endorsed by the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club, but are third party adverts which provide revenue to the website owner and allow the website owner to offer this booking system free to Clubs such as ours.

11.    A key will be made available to ‘Subscribing Members’ of the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club solely for the purpose of  using the Hall for sports activities for the allotted time they have booked the Hall. You will be required to return the key if your membership is cancelled.

12.    Always use the online booking system to make sure the Hall is free for you to use.  Please respect ‘Subscribing Members’ who have booked to use the Hall for their sole use, and don’t go to the Hall ‘on spec’. 

13.    It the responsibility of the ‘Subscribing Member’ to open up and lock the Hall doors again after use, ensuring that everyone has left the Hall, all lights are switched off, the fire doors are shut tight, the Hall is left clean and tidy ready for the next Booking, and the main door is securely locked.

14.    The Hall is only to be used for the purpose of the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club by the ‘Subscribing Member’ and his family for sports use and no other purpose.  Expressly, anyone found to be using the Hall for private parties or similar events of any kind will have their membership cancelled.  This is to ensure that the Hall is only used for sports use through the Sports Club, and any other events need to be booked through the Hall Booking Secretary (currently Pat Johnston) on an hourly basis at cpbjohnston@btinternet.com or call Pat on 07581 026719.
15.    The Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club is run as a Sports Club, and it not intended as a Youth Club, where children play unattended either inside the Hall or outside in the grounds of the Hall.  We have close neighbours by the Hall, who are affected by noise, and we have a duty of care to them, to ensure that noise outside the Hall is kept to a minimum when ‘Subscribing Members’ use the Hall for sports. We ask all ‘Subscribing Members’ to ensure that children always stay in the Hall to play sports and don’t play sport in the grounds, or do anything to cause annoyance to neighbours around the Hall – thank you.  

16.    The ‘Subscribing Member’ will be responsible for the conduct of all persons using the Hall, and it is an express condition of these Terms and Conditions that the ‘Subscribing Member’ is responsible for the key to the Hall, and undertakes that they will not allow any child under the age of 18 years of age to use the Hall unattended.  Expressly, all children under the age of 18 years of age MUST NOT use the Hall for sports use on their own, but must ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED by the ‘Subscribing Member’ or a responsible family member.  This is to ensure that children are not left alone in the Hall, which could pose Health & Safety and Endangerment risks.

* Please remember that any sports equipment can cause injury, and the sports equipment in the Hall is heavy and should only be moved and set-up in the Hall, as well as collapsed and stored away again, by responsible adults, using the instructions provided.

17.    Any damages caused to the Hall by the ‘Subscribing Member’ during the period they have booked the Hall for sports use are the responsibility of the ‘Subscribing Member’. 

18.    It is intended that equipment needed to play sports in the Hall will be provided for use e.g. table tennis bats and balls, badminton racquets and shuttlecocks, pool cues and balls and air hockey mallets and pucks. Please look after the equipment and do not take equipment away from the Hall. Please feel free to bring your own racquets and equipment to play with, if you prefer.

19.    The Hall and grounds are a non-smoking area, and smoking is expressly prohibited in the Hall or in the grounds of the Hall.  Please also note that chewing gum is expressly prohibited in the Hall or in the Hall grounds.

20.    Please ensure you wear correct sports footwear to play the sports to avoid damaging the floor in the Hall and to protect yourself, and wear appropriate clothing for your own comfort.

21.    Check with your Doctor before starting any new sporting activities, particularly if you have existing problems which could be affected by the sport you wish to play.  

22.   ‘Subscribing Members’ and their families playing sports in the Hall are asked to leave the Hall, toilets and kitchen in a clean and tidy condition after use, and all rubbish should to be taken out to the bins outside the Hall.

23.    Please do not consume food or drink unnecessarily in the Hall, and please do not put on the heating in the Hall unless it is absolutely necessary.  You will get warm during your sports activities, and not using additional heating will help to cut down heating costs in the Hall – thank you.

24.    Please think about your own health & safety when using the Hall – the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club or the Village Hall Committee cannot be held responsible for any accidents, injuries or liability arising from your voluntary use of the Village Hall. Expressly, when you use the Hall for sports use, you accept full liability and responsibility for damage or injury to any person or property however incurred on the premises.

25.  We expect wear and tear on the sports equipment over time, but any unnecessary damage caused to sports equipment,  lights, fire alarms, floors, smoke fittings, windows, toilets, doors etc. in the Hall and any other equipment used during any booking, or additional cleaning costs due to misuse of the Hall, will be charged to the ‘Subscribing Member’.

26.    If you notice any damage to the Hall or Sports equipment or the Hall, please notify Tom Dearie, the Hall Committee Chairman, immediately at tomdearie21@btinternet.com. Thank you.

27.    Any breaches of these conditions will result in the cancellation of membership to the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club for that member, upon which the standing order will be terminated, and the key needs to be returned to Tom Dearie, the Hall Committee Chairman, within 24 hours.  If damage has occurred in the Hall during your booking, you will be liable for the cost of the repairs.

28.    Using the Sports Equipment.  A folder will be available in the Hall at all times, which shows you how to use the sports equipment during your booking.  It is intended that equipment will be set out in the Hall for you to use e.g. the badminton net, the pool table, the table tennis table and the air hockey table, etc. You will be able to move the table tennis table, air hockey and pool table away from the wall to play on the equipment, but equipment should only be collapsed and stored away again in the store room by responsible adults, using the instructions provided. The equipment is very heavy, and these guidelines are to ensure your safety when moving the equipment.

Please take care to read any instructions on the equipment carefully, as failing to follow the manufacturers’ instructions could result in injury to yourself or damage to the equipment.

29.    These Terms and Conditions of membership of the Collessie Village Hall Family Sports Club may be amended from time to time, and your continued payment and use of the Hall is your acceptance of the updated Terms and Conditions.  The latest Terms and Conditions will be available on the Collessie website at www.collessie.btck.co.uk





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